Solution blacklist via mortgage loan

Eric and Jacqueline are registered negatively at the Central Individual Credit Register and are on the so-called ” black list “. Through their credit broker they find a solution for their financial problems through a new mortgage loan. You can read their story here .

Eric is a worker and earns $ 2,650 net per month. Jacqueline is a housewife. They are both in their fifties and own a home. Eric and Jacqueline want to make an apartment in the right part of their home. This would provide them with extra income (rent).

No budget work for mortgage loan refinancing

No budget work for mortgage loan refinancing

In June 2013 they go to their banker to refinance their mortgage loan at a lower rate. During that conversation there is no talk about the works they would like to perform on their home. Additional credits to perform work.

One month later, they ask their banker for an additional home loan of $ 16,000. Apparently this was not enough, because one month later they take out an installment loan of $ 33,000 with another banker. In December 2013 they will open another credit opening (= credit card) of $ 5,500. All these loans and loans serve to carry out work on their home.

In February 2014, they will receive an additional credit opening of $ 1,250 from a third bank.

Not even $ 800 a month to live on

Eric and Jacqueline have a total of 4 loans : 2 mortgage loans, an installment loan and a credit facility. Their total credit charge is $ 1,860 . The couple has less than $ 800 per month left to live on.

Blacklisted in July 2015

This situation is untenable. In 2015, things are starting to get really difficult and Eric and Jacqueline are falling behind on the installment loan and the large credit opening of $ 5,500. In July 2015 they are therefore registered negatively at the Central Individual Credit Register and thus end up on the so-called “black list”.

Solution via new mortgage loan

Solution via new mortgage loan

They contact a credit broker to find a solution. The credit broker talks to them about a new mortgage loan and the Good Finance product . The credit broker submits the file in November 2015. Afterwards it all goes very fast. Eric and Jacqueline signed their new mortgage loan with the notary on December 29, 2015.

What are the benefits for Eric and Jacqueline

The Good Finance is the ideal solution for Eric and Jacqueline. With this mortgage loan they have the following benefits :

  1. They now pay $ 995 for their mortgage loan. This is $ 865 a month less than what they used to pay!
  2. They keep their home.
  3. They have quality of life again!

There are still people like Eric and Jacqueline. Are you also in such a situation? Contact us We will put you in contact with a credit broker in your area with complete discretion .

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